2022-11-16 17:16

🏕 The Voice-Camp project, organized as part of the UzbekVoice marathon has ended!

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Out of 8,000+ applications submitted for participation in the camp, 150 participants were selected from different regions of our republic.

From October 21, 12:00 to November 13, 00:60, more than 1,800 voice hours were allocated to artificial intelligence training. This means 1,620,000 sentences! 💪

With this, we have achieved an important result - the completion of voice data collection. Now we work with this information and create different products. We remind you that all information is open to everyone. 😉

During the week from November 7 to November 13, the participants were divided into groups and listened to the lectures of Najot Nur and Bakhtiyor Hasanov.

Also, programs such as "Zakovat", "Quiz", intellectual and sports games, meetings with speakers, concerts organized for cultural and entertainment events, and "Open Microphone" encourage the discovery of new knowledge and talentsi

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