development <roadmap>

Great things are coming to the project development <roadmap>

Along with collecting voice database, we work on STT(Speech-to-text), TTS(text-to-speech) and NLP(natural-language-processing) projects using a number of Artificial Intelligence(AI) .In addition, we are determined to bring great innovation and convenience to other language-related areas with the help of APIs created by our team.

1 voice collection campaign
  • Text collection
  • Create a website
  • Telegram bot
  • Collecting votes
  • Doing a hackathon
  • Giving gifts
2 voice collection campaign
  • New backend
  • Text collection
  • Telegram bot
  • Carrying out the 2nd stage
  • Holding the 2nd hackathon
  • Mobile application development
Automatic speech recognition
  • Hiring a Data Scientist
  • Voice processing
  • Creating STT models
  • API development
  • Publication of studies (post)
  • Identifying the speaker (gender, age, etc.) Identify the mood
TTS - Text-to-speech
  • Find a Data Scientist
  • Uzbek sound synthesis
  • Work on the TTS model
  • Publication of studies (post)
  • API development
  • Cooperation with UzUDT project
  • Cooperation with the Uzbek Language Corpus
  • Cooperation with Turkic-InterLingua(TIL)
  • Cooperation with TurkLang Global Conference
Microservice & CI\CD
  • Check for human voice
  • Queues
  • GitHub Actions
  • Docker
  • Connect to private cloud